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Congratulations to our athletes that performed exceptionally this past season


Perez Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services for orthopedic and sports injuries. We also provide performance enhancement and injury prevention training programs for athletes in all sports.

With over 35 years of professional experience, including 15 years in Major League Baseball with the NY Yankees, our programs have proven successful over the long term at the highest levels.

We specialize in the young athlete from middle school to professional and have helped place numerous athletes in high level (D1) colleges and the professional ranks. Our athletes consistently out-perform their peers and do so with minimal injuries.

Our state-of-the-art facility affords us access to Vision Sports Club allowing us the use of 90’ of indoor turf. This enables us to assess and enhance running, throwing and hitting performance.


Perez Physical Therapy specializes in the care and prevention of orthopedic and sports related injuries with 35 years of experience in treating athletes from youth to elite amateur and professional levels. Professional and recreational athletes from all sports trust Perez Physical Therapy’s years of experience to provide the highest quality of rehabilitation and athletic injury prevention. Athletes of all ages and abilities can expect sports-specific performance enhancement. We are committed to the development of the adolescent athlete.

Offering individualized care and service Perez Physical Therapy operates in contrast to the high volume therapy practices that are the norm. We address and correct the patients’ biomechanical dysfunction, which is typically the underlying cause of the condition, instead of treating the symptom thereby maximizing function and performance while minimizing injury recurrence.

Patients receive a biomechanical evaluation and customized treatment program that utilizes curative exercises and manual techniques to restore proper biomechanical movement. Perez’s priority is to restore efficient movement patterns to minimize excess stress that affect a full recovery.




Vincent Perez has dedicated his 35-year career as a licensed physical therapist to managing orthopedic and sports injuries. As Columbia University Director of Sports Therapy for 15 years and a member of the medical staff of the New York Yankees,


Perez has had the pleasure of treating professional and amateur athletes in all sports, as well as numerous celebrities and dignitaries. He has served as a rehabilitation consultant to the NY Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves and Oklahoma City Thunder among others.

Perez has taught graduate level physical therapy at New York University and in the medical resident program at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. He also lectures internationally and has published articles about sports injury rehabilitation in medical journals. His expertise has been featured regularly on TV, radio, print and the Internet.

Perez Physical Therapy, Perez’s private practice, embodies his longtime passion of assisting athletes to recover from injury and achieve athletic goals while minimizing their risk of future injury in an atmosphere that allows for more personalized care and attention.



MLB Pitcher

hideki matsui.jpeg


2009 World Series, MVP

Chien-Ming Wang, MLB Pitcher.jpeg


Rawlings National

Jr. College Gold Glove Winner


MLB Pitcher


"Vinnie is an excellent therapist, and I liked his approach especially because he was very detailed and struck a good balance between being cautious and being aggressive. He has a lot of tools in his bag and uses his experience and creativity in dealing with injuries of various athletes & patients."

Hideki Matsui

Major League Baseball Player, 2009 World Series MVP

"Vinnie helped me greatly with my rehab during a challenging time in my career as a Major League Baseball player. He is highly experienced, is patient & took time to fully understand my needs and helped guide me with individualized programs that helped me get back to the mound."

Chien-Ming Wang
Major League Baseball Player


"Vinnie was a big part of my development coming up through the Yankee Organization. He was instrumental in my success of staying on the field, keeping me healthy and enabling me to perform at a high level for a 162 game season. He helped educate me on how to take care of myself physically and many of his ideas I still use today. Vinnie’s knowledge and willingness to teach has stuck with me. He has been an instrumental part of my career.”

Mark Melancon
Major League Baseball Player

"Over my 25+ year career in the Sportsmedicine field I've had the privilege and pleasure of working with several outstanding clinicians. Within that group, Vinnie Perez stands out as one of the best. He possesses both a tremendous knowledge base and unique perspective of how to analyze an athlete's / patient's functional needs and capabilities as well as having the ability to effectively treat and return them to their specific sport or job related activities. Vinnie also pours 100% of his efforts into achieving his patient's goals and educating them as to how to stay healthy afterwards..."

Chris Fischetti, PT, ATC

Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist, Buffalo Bills

“I have been a licensed Physical therapist for 21 years and have known Vinnie Perez for 20 of those years. Vinnie has been my mentor throughout and a great resource to the NY Knicks. I continue to use much of the knowledge that he has bestowed upon me to work with some of the greatest athletes in the world. He is one of the most extraordinary clinicians that I have worked with. He possesses the ability to effectively assess and treat his patients as well as the interpersonal skills to build a solid program to return his patients to full functional status. His guidance has allowed me to excel in my career in professional sports.”

Anthony Goenaga, PT, ATC, PES
Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist, NY Knicks 



Tel: 845-548-3145

Fax: 845-517-1431



80 West Dexter Plaza

Pearl River, NY 10965


37 West Jefferson Ave

Pearl River, NY 10965

Hideki Matsui Photo by KEITH ALLISON via Wikimedia

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